How To Attract A Flood Of Your Ideal Clients Without Spending Hours Creating Social Media Content, Relying On Referrals Or Losing Money On Paid Advertising - Guaranteed!

New Training For Independent Gym/Studio/Bootcamp Owners

  • Magnetic Marketing Model: We reveal how Gym Owners are making anywhere from £500 - 10k a week in new sales without having to run free trials, accountability challenges or bait and switch tactics 🤮
  • Cheapest Cost Per Lead Ever: See what FMA clients use to go from £11.17 to £1.88 leads even with the latest IOS changes 📱💰
  • Data Doesn’t Lie: How to achieve higher ROI than ever before and acquire new clients at the cheapest rate yet so you generate more profit! 📊 💪

Just Some Of Our Coaching Clients...

This Training Isn’t For Beginners 

IMPORTANT: This training isn’t for beginners, you must be a reputable gym or coaching company that gets people results with their physical and mental health.

This training is for those gym owners / coaches that have a real business. You have an offer, you know WHAT to sell, you know HOW to sell and your mindset is growth orientated, not fixed.  

If you’re a successful gym or coach, the chances are this isn’t your first rodeo in terms of getting help / mentoring or hiring an agency to continue to help build your business.

You might already be involved with some type of mentorship / coaching programme or agency right now, or have in the past, but just remember...

"What Got You Here Won't Get You There!" - Marshall Goldsmith

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