If You Need To Sign Up New Clients This September For Your Fitness Business, This Video Is For You!

Here Are Just A Few Results From Fitness Business Owners Like You In The Recent Months!

Goal Of 100 Recurring Members Hit!

Over $9K NZD Generated In Sales!

35 Conversions At £400!

Plans For Second Facility Pushed Forward!

17 Sales Totalling Over £2K!

From Quiet Summer Months To Nearly 50 Clients!

From £8K Recurring Revenue To £25K Recurring Since Joining! 

Most Successful Month In 9 years Since Opening!

40 New Sign Ups In 90 Days!

Over £18K In Front End Revenue And Launching New Facility!

Over £22K Generated In July

Over £13K In Front End Sales In July!

19 Sign Ups In July!

Biggest Month To Date For This Online Client!

All Trials Carried On To Full Membership!

8 Sales From 10 Calls!

Over £3K Added On To Recurring Revenue!

61 Leads Generated In Just 4 days Resulting In 2 New Sales And 8 Calls Booked!

10 Sales In A Week!

52 Sales In Less Than 2 Months! 

63% Conversion Rate In June!

23 Sales In The First Month Of Their Campaign Being Active!

Best Month Yet!

Over 200 Members Hit For the First Time! 

40 Sales Totalling £3880 In a Week!

249 Leads Generated and 60% Conversion rate!

42 New Sales In 90 Days!

24 New Students And Increase Of £1.6K MRR!

2 Sales And 6 Appointments Booked In One Evening!

57 Sales Totalling Over £11K!

Biggest Month Ever In 10 Years Of business!

First Call Using New Strategy = Sale!

Over £3K Added In Sales Revenue In Just 8 days! 

55 Conversions From 58 Leads!

Over $2K AUD in Revenue Generated In A Week!

40 Sales At £198!

Over £17K Made In 90 days!

Over £9K In Sales Revenue Generated with A Potential Of Over £13K in Future Sales!

Over £13K Banked In A Week!

Over £9k Generated In Under A Week!

Price Increase Resulting In 1 Sold Each day!

Over £5950 made from £817 ad spend!

6 Sales In 36 Hours!

Over £13K Made In 90 Days With Just £448 Ad Spend!

56 new members with a cost per acquisition of £34!

Over £10K Generated In Revenue In 60 Days!

Over £6K In Revenue Generated!

56 Sales In Jan And Feb!

“Friday After Mastermind Was The Biggest Day to Date”

Over £4K In Revenue In Just 2 Weeks!

ROI Of 429% and MRR Increase of £1.5K!

15 Sales At £198!

‘Best Decision In 14 Years Of Operation!’

“Now I Have The Most Clients I Have Ever Had At Anyone Time to Date!”

400+ Leads Generated And Over £14,000 Made In 90 Days 

40 Trials Sold In January!

Highest Number Of MRR Ever!

Facility Now Close To Full Capacity!

18 New Members In January!

Sold All Spaces Totalling £7,200!

29 New Members In 10 Days!

43 Sales In January!

Over $24,000 Added To Yearly Revenue In Just 17 Days!

£4K Added In Revenue Since Sunday!

8 Sales Totalling £1,440 In 1 Day!

Over $7,000 Added In Recurring Revenue!

Best Agency We Have Worked With!

“These Guys Changed My Life”

64% Increase In Revenue From 2021!

Revenue And Profit Up By 38% From 2021!

Over £4.8K Made In Sale Revenue In Just 6 Days!

711% Return On Investment!

Gained Over 45 New Members With One Location Reaching Full Capacity!

Over £11K In New Sales!

Just Under £27K For A Couple Of Emails!

Hit £45K In Revenue For The Month Of November!

Just Under £8K Over The Weekend!

Over £30K In Sales Revenue This Month!

No One Better In The Business!

We Are Already Looking For A Bigger Place!

Doubled Revenue In Their First Month With FMA!

No Stone Left Unturned!

My Business Wouldn’t Be Here Without FMA

Over €4,000 In Front End Revenue And 735% Return On Investment!

Over £13K In Sales And 100 New Members Signed Up!

22 Sales In October And 2 More Made Within The First Few Days Of November!

2 Sales And 11 Dials Before 10am!

5 Leads At £1.15 From Campaign Start!

41 Sales At £99 With 18 Members Converting To SGPT!

47 Sales At €297 Totalling €13,950

Over €20K In Monthly Recurring Revenue!

Monthly Recurring Revenue Up By 30% In 90 Days!

$10K Net Profit In September

Over €23,000 In Sales Revenue For Q3!

£21,500 In Sales For September!

118 New Clients In Just 90 Days!

Nearly €40,000 Sales Revenue Generated!

Over £55,000 In Revenue Generated!

23 Sales In September!

Over £4,000 In Sales During Their 90 Days!

£4K In 10 Days And An Extra £3K In Recurring Revenue!

15 Sales In The Last 2 Weeks!

4 Sales On A Saturday Totalling €1,470!

From 170 Members to 250 In 7 Months!

Doubled Revenue Within The First 3 Months!

Over 30 Sales Made At £197!

2 Sales Made Within An Hour!

62 Sales In August!

£1250 Made In Sales Over The Weekend!

38 Sales For A FB Ad Spend £293!

Sold £10K Of Business and £2.5K From Referrals!

41 Sales At £177 = £7,257!

26 Sales In Under 2 Weeks At £247!

First Ever €60K Month!

10 Sales At £227!

Total ROI Of $8116.75 In 90 Days!

7 Sales at £4,481 With Ad Spend Of Just Under £700!

19 Leads In 24 Hours!

12 Sign Ups In Just 1 Week!

Added Over €11,000 To Monthly Subscription Revenue!

Monthly Target Nearly Achieved In 10 Days!

28 Sales In 8 Days!

£26,800 Made In Just 90 Days!

Over £4000 In Just 2 Weeks!

37.5% Close Rate Of All Calls Answered!

23 Sales Totalling £1840 From £83 Ad Spend!

Best Conversion Month Ever!

Selling 425% More Memberships This Year!

£9200 From 23 Sign Ups In 90 Days!

Over £8,000 In Sales From £347!

60 Leads At 53p In Just One Day!

"Our Best Month Ever Of My Life!"

First Sale In Just 24 Hours Of Ad Going Live!

187 New Gym Members In 90 Days!

5 Sales At £197 In 36 Hours With Just £97 Ad Spend!

64 Sales In 90 Days With CPA Of £11.90!

72 Leads In 10 Days And 18 Sales At €297!

£10,000 In Sales And £2,200 Recurring Revenue Per Month!

35 Sales on Front End and £1.4k Per Month In Recurring Revenue!

47 Leads In 36 Hours!

150 Leads Generated In 2 Weeks And 15 Sales!

€16.5k In Sales Revenue!

From $8K Monthly To $30K Monthly Revenue In Second Month!

Over £20k In Memberships From Momentum!

Over £4K In Recurring Revenue!

Total Income Over €160,000 In 3 Months!

Client Makes Over €100,000 In First Quarter!

Near Full Capacity With All time High!

Meet The Fitness Marketing Agency Team

The fitness industry in recent years has had an influx of mentors, consultants, gurus, and agencies. Most don’t even have roots in the industry and sadly they overpromise and underdeliver in the results that they get for hardworking Fitness Business Owners like yourselves. Most of these types are one man band operators with no team or support system to help you succeed. At Fitness Marketing Agency one of the reasons our clients are so successful is because of the support team Ben has assembled to guide our clients to success.

How to get started

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